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Featured: Artist Adasjan Lee releases his new single “Echo” and announces his upcoming new EP album!

Adasjan Lee

24 Musical Beats is today sharing an exclusive piece of news about artist Adasjan Lee. The artist has recently released his new single titled “Echo.” Along with it he has also announced his new EP which will be released soon.

“Echo is about embracing your past. You may not like it but you can’t change it but what you can do is always try to be better and if you run away from it it’s going to come back just like an echo.” – Adasjan Lee.

Sharing an update about his upcoming Adasjan Lee said, “I actually have my first EP coming out on February 28th, 2022 I’m really excited for that, I also have singles that will be released this September.”

About the artist: Adasjan Lee was born on February 28th, 2006 (age 15 years), Brooklyn, New York. Adasjan’s music is alternative pop/indie. Adasjan grew up in a musical family. Adasjan explains more of what was going on at the time in his head, “Honestly the only thing I would focus on is the lyrics and what I remembered was my sister talking about a dog she had and I would sing to myself about the most random things ever and from that point on I was so fascinated with music and singing”. Adasjan makes music with meanings that everyone can relate to such as his newest single “Echo”. It talks about how you can’t forget the past, it’s always there, what you can do is improve and become better,” Adasjan explains. He also talks about his first ep called “Crystal Clear” and how it will be released on the 28th of February 2022.

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