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DJ Violinist Asher Laub Releass New Track Titled, “Say So”

“Say So” is now available via YouTube.

Asher Laub

After releasing his hits like ‘Easy on Me’ and ‘Indigo,’ DJ violinist Asher Laub is now set for his fourth tune for the year 2022, titled “Say So.” This time, the talented musician is bringing the instrumental version of The Doja Cat song, “Say So” to the forefront. “Say So” features that timeless disco-funk groove. His work in the studio places a major emphasis on the low bass, guitar, drums, and a little bit of synth, but strings are the primary instrument. Asher imparts happy sentiments to his audience in a manner that is successful not only in clubs but also while studying or simply unwinding. His music is uplifting and rich with evocative feelings and a melodic groove that invites you to unwind; that’s the reason he is so popular among music lovers.

Asher Laub is a talented New York City-based violinist, composer, producer, and performer. Asher’s grandiose desire is to revolutionize the music industry as he attempts to popularize the violin and modern music production through modern communication channels available to him. He began studying classical violin at the age of two, and by the time he was thirteen, he was performing with the Buffalo Philharmonic. Asher Laub’s ability to perform in a range of musical styles has made him a sought-after soloist, and his performances at locations like Madison Square Garden, Hammerstein Hall, Lincoln Center, and the Jacob Javits Center have taken him to four continents. Aside from that, he has been featured on PBS and has been covered by CNN, WABC, NBC, and a multitude of other major news outlets. This only shows that this unstoppable force in the music industry is here to stay. 

“Say So” is now available via YouTube. It will soon be available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify starting May 20. Visit Asher Laub’s website or follow him on Instagram for more details on his upcoming projects.

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