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Featured artist: Anastasia Silver Stasiavuu

An Instagram Influencer, actress, and singer-songwriter with multiple singles released throughout her time in college, she seems to be loved and admired regardless of format.


Emerging artist Anastasia, #stasiavuu, hails from Oregon and is working to join a shortlist of entertainers originating from the Pacific Northwest. Following the state motto: Alisvolat propriis, (She flies with her own wings), Anastasia is the consummate Oregonian, establishing herself as an all-around entertainer, not bound any one sub-industry, Anastasia has carved out fans in cinema, television, music and social media. Overcoming tremendous odds growing up, she established a path to a successful career, graduating Valedictorian, then obtaining a full scholarship to the University of Oregon, and entered the job market in Optometry. Unsatisfied by constraints of a 9-5, she has returned to her high school and college hobby of singing and song-writing but branched and developed herself in other areas of entertainment. 

An Instagram Influencer, an actress, and singer-songwriter with multiple singles released throughout her time in college, she seems to be loved and admired regardless of format. Growing up bullied and persevering over a difficult childhood, Anastasia recognizes now that she can be the light people in her past position need to see themself through the day and ultimately overcome their challenges. She began her career using songwriting as an escape from reality and as a way to put her thoughts and feelings into perspective. She demonstrated at an early age the ability to create a melody line that her producers were easily able to translate to full productions. During her time in college, she maintained writing releasing a few singles, but with her focus on her education, did not actively pursue pushing them to the masses. At the same time, she started to develop her Instagram fan base, which has grown to over 65k and seems to increase daily. She has secured paid partnerships to advertise products and serves as a brand ambassador to numerous companies. Not content to be just a source of superficial entertainment, she now returns to her first passion, singing. 

Anastasia has jumped back into the recording studio to kick off the first part of 2022 with singles all ready being scheduled for release. Staying true to herself and again flying with her own wings, her focus is communicating a positive pop style, set over EDM focused beats. 

Adding to her resume, she is further developing herself as an actress obtaining roles in Sangre Negra and taking part of an upcoming reality T.V. Series. 

Anastasia has always aligned herself with organizations focused on the betterment of the lives they interact with such as Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, OHSU, and most recently, she has accepted a role as an ambassador to the SOS4Life Foundation. Her presence and ability to communicate over-coming pressures of youth are an invaluable asset to the industry and the world and she has further used her talents to raise funds for each organization! 

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