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Marcoof500 Creates New Music Genre, “Cartel Drill Music,” with his new song entitled “No Manners”

Hailing from Virginia, Marcoof500 is a multi-faceted artist, songwriter, music producer, entrepreneur, and Trendsetter.


Marquis Tarver, aka Marcoof500, has for a moment turned all the attention from the fast pace changing genres of Hip Hop/rap music to yet a new sound of Cartel Drill Music which he has created with his upcoming track “No Manners.”

Hailing from Virginia, Marcoof500 is a multi-faceted artist, songwriter, music producer, entrepreneur, and Trendsetter. His talent in music and the business as a whole led him to start his own record label, “500 Entertainment LLC,” also known as 500 Cartel that has yet birthed the new genre of Cartel Drill Music.

With his soon-to-be-released single “No Manners,” Marco displays a rare style of unapologetic bars that show his notoriety in music. While so many other rappers today are coming up with music that is just mime to some of the already existing content, Marco has created a track that is going to draw a definition between your typical drill music and the Cartel Drill Music. As a music producer and a music manager simultaneously, the prodigy has used his advanced skills to develop a beat that is just suitable for his kind of style and speaks volumes when combined with the track’s message.

Growing up in Virginia while listening to Chicago Drill artists FBG Duck, Lil JoJo, Young Pappy, and many others, Marco was propelled to create his own sound from the original Drill music that he grew up with. Having lived in California and Georgia, he noticed that the missing link from his hometown and where he was at the moment was the sound of drill. As a pioneer and music creative, he decided to create his own form of drill music aspiring from those artists that he grew up listening to and his surroundings. From his music studio at his label 500 Entertainment LLC, Marco has created a masterpiece with his single “No Manners,” a remorseless track that is made up of bars after bars.

Without bowing to any form of judgment, “No Manners” by Marcoof500 sets the direction for the new Cartel Drill Music that is about to take on the music industry. The track is going to be an addition to Marco’s vast discography of more colorful projects that have been released since his debut in 2018. Sprinkled together with brighter synths that have not been in many of his past releases, this new track shows a much brighter side to the Virginia rapper and CEO, despite the fact that it is going to sound like something new to many lovers of Drill music. The track is marked with the realism of life that reminds you of how challenging the game is. When you have to push harder for your content to reach the fans, then you have to do precisely what is required of you. Fortunately, Marcoof500 has done exactly what would have been expected of a rapper with his kind of stature. Throughout the track, he finds himself repeatedly dismissing statements by famous rappers Gunna and Kodak Black as he cements his message. This is just mere wisdom expected from a rapper like Marcoof500 whilst imparting tons of knowledge for the next generation of rappers.

Although the track has a few more weeks till it is officially released for public streaming, Marco has embraced a few stages with the “No Manners” single and left crowds in a frenzy. Every single day, he procreates styles that, at the end of the day, are influencing so many other artists and music business entrepreneurs to think about originality. Marcoof500 is original and gifted.

Artist Bio: Marcoof500

As the fabricator of his own ingenuity, Marcoof500 rose from nothing to the versatile music entrepreneur he is today. Constantly striving for more success so as to create a decent life for himself and his family, he had to branch out into various sectors within the lucrative music business. Marco started off selling merch through his prosperous 500 Cartel clothing brand before forming his own recording studio and venturing into music production.

With the creation of his 500 Entertainment LLC, Marco had a space where he could finally release his music and distribute it to his fans in a more profitable way. Often taking much of his musical inspiration from his earlier experiences in life, his lyrics started sounding exciting and relatable to so many other people who listened to his tracks. He strives every day to become better for himself and the respect he earns from his fans worldwide. Soon adding “No Manners” to his already existing discography, Marco has released albums, including; The Travels of Marco, Marco the Merchant, and a couple of Eps, including his most recent Men In Black, released early this year.

Hailing from Virginia, Marcoof500 has trapped prominent industry commenters on his radar with his alluring talent and energy that is portrayed in his booming voice. Through the years, he has scored various gigs and performed on tours through Hawaii, California, and in Japan. His rare outsized swagger has earned him the affection of the older rapper generation, plus entry to the invisible league of creators with his new Cartel Drill Music genre.

To experience more of Marcoof500’s material, including his vast discography, follow him on all social media platforms and music streaming platforms;

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/marcoof500/1337991848

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4AmqLMLbFDew7kiV5cNvXL?autoplay=true&v=A

Youtube Music: https://music.youtube.com/channel/UCmic5YRJYNEkLird-9Xd0iQ

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Marcoof500/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/marcoof500

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMarcoof500

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