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Marsy Mars releases a new single titled ‘I Just Want To Make Jelly Of the Stars’

The single is currently streaming on SoundCloud!

Marsy Mars

24 Musical Beats is today sharing a new single by artist Marsy Mars. The single is titled I Just Want to Make Jelly Of the Stars.

It is currently streaming on SoundCloud!

About the artist: Marsy Mars ^)^ is a baroque-hop artist from London. He composes music contrapuntally – many different lines weaving together – and the focus on drama, worldbuilding and deep characterisation in his work has earned it the tagline ‘Like a Dostoyevsky novel you can dance to.’ He composes, performs and produces all parts for voices and all other instruments on his records, and has abided by relative anonymity thus far in his career.

Follow the artist on his official Twitter: Marsy Mars

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