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Praktis releases new single “Invisible”

Praktis is a veteran mainstay in the Kansas hip hop scene for a good reason.


Kansas based rapper Praktis (aka Chad Weston) has released a brand new single entitled “Invisible” which is now available for stream on Spotify, Apple Music and all streaming platforms. The single follows the recent release of his latest album “Lucky Number 7”.

“This song is about that feeling of when you’ve gone through life and had your dark spots and now you are cruising with the windows down, heading in the right direction,” said Weston. 

With a smooth vibe and an immaculate flow, “Invisible” is a relatable track both hip hop heads and the general populace can embrace. It is the true tale of where you have been versus where you are going and learning to appreciate the starts and stalls that come with real life, and can also be interpreted to the inner woes of the independent musician, hungry to get your music in the ears of new listeners.

“It’s also talking about recovery from being through these things in the past. It’s about trying to be a better person and building your self worth and understanding who you are. That’s the message I’m trying to give off. I want to give people that vibe.”

Praktis is a veteran mainstay in the Kansas hip hop scene for a good reason. In a genre full of egos more focused on material status and physical appearance, it is refreshing to find such an entrancing talent more concerned with being a devoted father and a lightning rod for growth and change. You can stream “Invisible” anywhere music is available.

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