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Artist Jiyar talks about his music and shares his personal message for the world!

I promise my music will be the sound of your heart! - Jiyar.


It was an honor for 24 Musical Beats to have the amazing artist Jiyar on our platform. We got a chance to ask him about his unique music, his daily routine and his message for the world.

Q. Your music has a riveting combination of Persian and French music culture. Kindly tell us how you do it!

Jiyar: According to me, French is a language of love, the French language is automatically musical and I felt my romantic song is better when using it. My music does not belong to any geographical location, I follow the global ideas in my songs. I feel the borders of a country can never limit the expression of music! My music floats across the world and between different cultures.

Q. Who are your favorite artists and why?

Jiyar: As I always say it is none other than Charlie Chaplin! He was multi-talented, and add to that he was also a Philosopher and a Prophet. We can see that his movies affect people across the globe. His movies can bring a smile to anyone around the world and they can change their vision of life too! 

Q. Whose music are you listening to right now?

Jiyar: Well, these days I am listening to Demis Roussos and also Chris Rea!

Q. What inspires you in your life?

Jiyar: Definitely a positive environment around me inspires me! Also being motivated & dedicated to my work is a big inspiration.  

Q. What is your daily routine?

Jiyar: Well, I spend most of my time researching and studying. Also, I love watching documentaries on different topics. I follow almost every other exhibition related to art too. Also, I cannot imagine being far from my notebook because I write a lot!

Q. Would you like to share something with the world and our readers?

Jiyar: Sure! See, JIYAR is living for you. I promise my music will be the sound of your heart! We are one big family! I love you and producing music that you will love is my topmost priority.

JIYAR was born on May 4, 1976 in Tabriz-IRAN. He is an actor, singer and songwriter. Due to the situation of his country’s music market, he started working as a Software Developer. Now after many years because of his passion for music he has finally back and has released new music. His first official song “Chargin d’automn” (English: Autumn Grief) was released in Feb-2022.

Follow Jiyar on his official social media for updates about future releases:

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