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Jiyar: “My mission is that all people find my music close to their sacred feelings”

"I love you all and I pray that Lord will give us a life full of love and a planet without war and poverty." - Jiyar.


Q. Welcome Jiyar! How are you doing?

Jiyar: Thank you. I’m fine, I’m working hard on my new songs. After my new single “REQUIEM” I decided to make an album with the same concept. The “REQUIEM” project was a great teamwork.

After a short vacation and spending some time with my wife and son, I will start my new album project

Q. Our team loved your new single REQUIEM. Please share how did you come across the idea for this song?

Jiyar: Every day we receive bad news about a war going on in some corner of the world. We all know that war affects the lives of others. If we look at the news of the last 20 years, we see that after the Second World War, war did not stop, but changed into new formats. Peace and tranquility is a dream that we will achieve if war really stops in the whole world. It seems that darkness and evil continue to work unabated. Many and endless efforts of peace seekers have been fruitless until today. The only power that can stop it is to call upon our Holy Mother to protect her children.

This song is the inner call of all of us people on earth. Politicians small group have made life difficult for the vast majority of people on planet.

Q. Any specific creative process that you followed differently for REQUIEM when compared to your usual style of music making?

Jiyar: The style you find in REQUIEM is what I love it, when you close your eyes and listen to REQUIEM then you see yourself in front of the big cinema screen, the song transports you to the deepest emotions of black and white cinema takes A mix of romance, drama, humanity will come alive before your eyes. REQUIEM has a message inside. This is the style I like to follow in my artistic life.

Q. If you get a chance to collaborate with one artist who would that be?

Jiyar: There is many real artists I am following and I like to collaborate with but the first name is always shining in my world is Andre Bocelli. Also, I am very interested to collaborate with Secret Garden music group.

Q. What is the importance of art in life according to you?

Jiyar: The real art is a living element. Art is the deepest feelings of human beings that you cannot expose in words. Art is an inspiration that comes from the heavens. It is a holy gift. True art is the language of the soul. And only such arts will last.


Q. Any tips or advice for the young artists?

Jiyar: Unfortunately, the capitalist system produces Celebrities in the music market in order to make a lot of money from them. Real art should not serve the capitalist system. Art is a very powerful weapon that can create disaster if left in the hands of unqualified people. I kindly request the young artists to appreciate the gift they have in themselves and use it to develop affection and love and create beautiful human relationships.

“I love you all and I pray that Lord will give us a life full of love and a planet without war and poverty.” – Jiyar.

Q. Any plans for performing live concerts in 2022?

Jiyar: I will plan for a concert after my new album finished. I am working from morning to night to finalize my new album.

Q. Any hints for our readers about any upcoming collaboration or new projects that you are working on?

Jiyar: In my new album I will collaborate with the same artists that was there in REQUIEM project. I am trying to add an African and an Indian artist to the team.

Q. Lastly, as we ask all our guests on our platform, do you have any closing thoughts that you would like to share with the world and our readers?

Jiyar: Jiyar is an artist who loves people of every language and skin color, my mission is that all people find my music close to their sacred feelings. I love you all and I pray that Lord will give us a life full of love and a planet without war and poverty.

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