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Conversations with Creativity: An Intimate Interview with Frank Tirimacco

If the work isn’t coming to you, make it yourself.

Frank Tirimacco

In the luminescent constellation of the entertainment universe, our gaze today turns towards an exceptional star, surging ahead in the Hollywood firmament. Hailing from the lands of Australia and Oman, the multifaceted artist Frank Tirimacco graces our spotlight – actor, director, and producer rolled into one dynamic persona.

As a young actor who’s also tried directing, cinematography, set design, lighting, and sound, which aspect of filmmaking do you enjoy the most, apart from acting, and why?

As much as I enjoy directing as it helps me as an actor as well. I find that lighting is one of my other interests when it comes to behind the camera. Lighting is such an important aspect of film and stage. Lighting has the ability to display emotion. It makes everything 10 times better, especially in the editing process.

How do you set your professional goals? Could you share an example of one and how you achieved it?

I like to aim big but I also like to make calculated risks. When it comes to goal setting, I think of the most realistic outcome and what effect that could have on future success. For example, one of my goals this past year was to perform in front of 1,000. I didn’t know how I was gonna achieve it but I knew that there were theater companies that were working on a bunch of plays at the LA Mirada Theatre, which houses 1,250 people. I looked into the shows that were being put on and I applied to some of the casting notices. One of which was “The Outsiders”. I knew I would at least fit one of the roles of the Greasers, but I ended up booking the role of Randy, one of the Socs. The moral of that story is applying to anything and finding ways to get into the mix. If you’re not putting yourself out there, you will never know what they’re looking for.

How do you balance working on your own projects and being a part of external projects?

I love this question because the irony is that I struggle to find time between projects. I’m always wanting to do so much that I never find time to actually sit down. I love to work on new things constantly and I think finding the balance between my own work and external work is hard to come by because I feel at home when I’m doing what I love. I think because I was deprived of working as an actor for so long, every job or opportunity feels like a gift.

As you continue on this journey, what is the one message you would like to share with other aspiring actors who are just starting out?

If the work isn’t coming to you, make it yourself. Nowadays, there are so many ways to take advantage of social networks and to use that as a platform for gaining gravity towards your work. A lot of what we’ve done has had the help of social media getting us the attention towards our work. At the end of the day, it’s all trial and error. You gotta fail to succeed.

In your journey as an actor, who has been your most significant influence or inspiration, both within and outside the entertainment industry?

I think the biggest inspiration to me has been my mother and father. I think a lot of what I have accomplished couldn’t have been done without the indirect help of my parents. My mother and father started their lives by going from a country with family and friends to a country with absolutely no one. They learned the bare basics of starting from the bottom and supporting each other through thick and thin. Through that, they helped me understand the value of believing in yourself and taking on any challenge that comes my way. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have gotten up every time I fell. I wouldn’t have had the education that gave me the knowledge to know what I know. I wouldn’t believe in myself the way I believe in myself today if it wasn’t for my parents. My parents always told me that if I want something, I have to work hard to get it, and that is something that is so true in this industry.

Who is your favorite artist, be it in acting, directing, or any other field of art, and why? What is it about their work that resonates with you?

Robin Williams will always be my favorite artist. Robin Williams always loved making people feel, most of the time it was making people feel happy. But even in serious moments of acting, Robin Williams was always having fun in the characters that he was playing. To me, that’s the best thing about acting, is having fun as your character and discovering the world in their shoes.

Is there a dream role or project that you would love to be part of in the future? What draws you to it?

I think a character that I would absolutely love to play would be the villain in any series or feature film. I always love a villain that has a motive or a backstory. Those always end up being my favorite character to watch come to life. Recently I’ve been in love with the character development of Silko in the animated series Arcane. I think what draws me to these characters so much is that you have to go against everything that you believe is wrong and make it right.

As we wrap up this mesmerizing tale, we are presented with a picture of an artist whose essence is shaped by ceaseless passion and an unyielding spirit. Stay tuned as we continue to share motivating narratives from the dynamic realm of the entertainment industry.

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