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Marie Solimena in El Dorado 

Marie Solimena

This music video that will give your ears the soothness of melody will be a part of your playlist in the next year when it will come out. The name of the song is “El Dorado”, starring Leo Salom who played the role of cowboy and Marie Solimena who plays the role of a cowgirl. The vocal performance is done by Cristina Lizzul. Its genre is Slap house which will bring back the memories of 2010 all over again. The video will be shot in a beautiful place that is none other than Mojave Desert, and is located in California. 

Basically, the story of the song revolves around the western adventure of a cowboy and a cowgirl. Marie is slaying the moment with her evergreen cowgirl costume and taking a ride in the desert. What is more pleasurable than enjoying the ride of horses at a place where there is no traffic and all over there is a vibe of calmness. You are all away from the hustle and bustle of life and experience the sights of Mojave Desert with your loved one. Here in the video, both of them are riding and enjoying the view in the desert. The story took a turn, when they are riding in the desert and came to meet a completely different group of people. Upon inquiry the people that they found were hippies. Now if you don’t know about hippies, then hippies are usually the persons that reject the social norms of being in an established society. Their looks are quite different because they don’t dress like other people. Whenever you will find hippies you are not gonna see them in a typical suit and pants, instead, they will be wearing which to ur sights will be quite unconventional dress. They have long hair and advocates nonviolence activities. So, our cowboy and cowgirl meet hippies and when they saw them, they were talking and playing the guitar in a group. The cowboy and cowgirl Marie that were once enjoying their ride stopped for a moment and at first, the perception of disgust and unusualness goes through them when they get to encounter them. Because these are not your usual people, they are different. But after some time when things got settled and eventually, with time when they share some experience with them, they found out these people are actually quite nice. There is a layer of friendship that goes with them. With some shared activities, they all get to know each other and started liking them. The extent of their friendship grow to an end that both the cowboy and the cowgirl started a new journey with them. Here the new adventure awaits for cowgirl as once she was from the big city that was rushy and now it is shifting to a place that is so different.

A new life is waiting for Marie and Leo as they step in a world so different and unique from the one they lived before. And, this is how the video ends with a wonderful message that you should never make judgments in the first place. We are nowadays so into making judgments quickly that we don’t understand everyone is different in this world. The truth is we are all so similar, but so unique and different from each other. The video reflects that message very nicely that it’s better to give a chance to people. Because the time you get to know each other, maybe you are on your way to finding someone that possesses the same qualities as you, and you find in that person the sense of friendship that you’ve been looking for years. 

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