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Song Review “Awake” Artist “SAVARRE”

The song "Awake" will undoubtedly give you something unique and unexpected.


The 2020 XIII Records release “Awake” does show that SAVARRE writes songs with sincerity and conviction. With their song “Awake,” the avant-garde Spectra Rock band SAVARRE creates a wave of uncompromising reality.

After your first listening, you’ll understand that SAVARRE is a musical force that must be reckoned with. The song “Awake” will undoubtedly give you something unique and unexpected. A balanced and thoughtfully designed arrangement sets the tone for the song. Later it is followed by catchy melodies and enthusiastic performances.

Finding oneself is the key theme in “Awake.” Shannon Denise Evans, the leader of the band, thinks that separating oneself from ignorance and blindness offers a kind of freedom that is unattainable otherwise. There is no longer any tolerance for falsehood, but that liberation demands a dedication to the truth. She hopes we choose to stay awake when the time comes.

To talk about the composition of this song contains more than just hard-hitting drums. So many songs are one-dimensional in either having a heavy beat or a delicate tone. Contrarily, “Awake” is more varied, incorporating components from various musical genres and taking numerous turns during the song. Despite this, lead vocalist Shannon Denise Evans not only seamlessly adapts to the song changes, but she also does so with a startling air of elegance.

“Awake” is an energetic, intense song that is more explosive than dynamite. The amazing track from SAVARRE will appeal to even the most diehard Spectra Rock music lovers. Your experience with the song will be unforgettable just from playing it.

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