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Zah Rozayy is a 21 year old Singer and Rapper from Allentown, PA.

Zah Rozayy

24 Musical Beats is today featuring artist Zah Rozayy. Known for his tracks Leave and Benz Truck the artist has recently announced two new singles. According to our sources Zah is all set to release his new tracks titled Not Okay! and Need Space. We got a special sneak peek into his single Leave which has a distinct tonality. It clearly showcases the unconventional yet creative sonic structures that Zah utilizes in his music. On the other hand, Benz Truck has that sublime arrangement that focuses more on multi-genre blending which is not that easy to execute. However, Zah seems to be pretty comfortable in multi-genre structures which is quite visible (or shall we say audible?) in his discography.

And based on the stunning reviews he has received for his track Leave, it seems music lovers would be certainly enraptured by his new releases. Keep an eye on his official social media for more details!

About the artist: Zah Rozayy is a 21 year old Singer and Rapper from Allentown, PA. He creates unique mixes of Pop, R&B and Rap.

His music is streaming on Spotify.

Follow the artist on his official social media for updates about future releases:


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