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Underground Concerts hosted by The Party Instigators open gateway to normal life

In the middle of an industrial district, in a major downtown Florida City, dusk was falling when droves of rebellious party goers filled a warehouse. While I watched, I could only feel the rhythmic pumping of the music within. I looked down at my bottle of soda and watched the liquid dance like the vibrations caused by a T-Rex in the Jurassic park movie.

The crowd continued to flow as a few food trucks, that must have been tipped off to that nights underground events, began setting up a block away. Before I knew it, there were thousands that had gathered for the event. As I began shooting a few photos from the drivers seat of my SUV, a woman in a brightly colored fairy costume walked up to my window and invited me into the warehouse. At first I was hesitant, however I could not resist the urge to see what all these people had come to experience.

As I approached the warehouse, I began to feel the music pounding into my body harder and harder. I could see through the entry way now that I had gotten closer. The crowd was moving in sync as the lights and lasers filled the foggy air that was hovering above their heads. I was now at the door and as I was asked for my ticket, my new fairy friend said I got you.

It was time to enter. I cannot explain the energy that was in that room. The two charismatic Dj’s were commanding the movements and the emotions of all the guests like a magician casting a spell. As I navigated thru the packed crowd towards the stage, the Dj’s emerged from behind the turn tables and the crowd began to chant their names. Jason and Spider, Jason and Spider, Jason and Spider they yelled at the top of their lungs.  The crowd became thunderous as the properly named “party instigators” invited out their dance team to join the party.

I spent the remainder of the night watching a post pandemic audience living and breathing again. I myself felt reborn.

After the show was over, I had the opportunity to meet Jason and Spider. How is this happening I asked them. “Well we started a thing called Vbar live, doing shows with Ron White, the comedian. We got millions of streams and followers and they all wanted to get out and start living again.” Jason said. “We had to do something, so a promoter came to us as the restrictions were being lifted and said I want to throw huge parties that you guys will host. Now we had millions joining our virtual party, as we had everyone from Tommy shaw of styx to members of Journey, Chicago and Rascal Flatts partying with us and entertaining our fans, so we were like screw it lets get back to in person. The party needs to be reality again.” said Spider. Jason finished by saying, “ so we came back hot, the bar was open and all our fans showed up.”

That underground party I will never forget. The feeling of being back with people, side by side, was intoxicating. An article I was not excited to cover was actually the gateway back into civilization I needed, just like every music lover across the world.

Article By: Samantha Hart

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