Sounds of the inner golden opera E.J. Gold.
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American artist E.J. Gold’s quote collection book is now available in all leading bookstores!

The bundle (print + e-book) is now available from Gateways Books and Tapes' official website.

Nevada, California-based publication house Gateways Books released a new book titled Sounds of the Inner Golden Opera – An E.J. Gold Quote Collection. It is a collection of 365 quotes from the well-known artist and spiritual teacher E.J. Gold.

The book is graphically illustrated and contains commentaries and essays by award-winning filmmaker and author Nishit Gajjar. The book is designed and illustrated by Los Angeles-based Visual Communications Designer Niralee Kamdar.

“Suffering is the price one pays for ignorance, and freedom is the reward for courage. Take your choice – It’s your choice to make.” E.J. Gold.


DESIGN 10/10


PRICE 8/10

OVERALL 9.0/10


For further details visit: Official Gateways Books and Tapes

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