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Featured: Artist Hologram Boy’s new single ‘Sinapsi Attive’

Hologram Boy Miss Virtuality

24 Musical Beats is today featuring a new single by artist Hologram Boy. It is titled Sinapsi Attive and features Miss Virtuality. The track is truly amazing with a wonderful melody. The enigmatic arrangement with peculiar emphasis on beats amazed us. The tune is catchy and would not leave your mind even after you stop listening to the single!

Sinapsi Attive is mesmerizing and an alluring song. Hologram Boy and Miss Virtuality have done amazing work to bring this phenomenal song to music lovers. Also, the sound patches are utilized cleverly which makes this single a sensational musical extravaganza.

Overall, Hologram Boy impressed us with the creativity and the power-packed single is definitely breathtaking. The single is currently streaming on all major music streaming services.

Do check out the official YouTube video of the single here:

About the artist: This is the story of a jazz musician that used to play for 20 years at weddings, but also in Italian national televisions and radios with famous artists. Then the world changed and during the lockdown this musician, finding himself unemployed, started to explore the depths of virtual reality and fell in love with it, adopting the prothesic identity (and the wig) of HOLOGRAM BOY. His first single, “SINAPSI ATTIVE” (feat. Miss Virtuality), is available now on major music streaming services.

For further details visit:

Official Website | Official YouTube

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